Oscar the Orca, R.I.P.

Oscar the Orca, R.I.P.

oscar01Yesterday, December the 20th of 2012, Oscar the orca passed away.

He was an Icelandic male captured in Ocotber 1987. He was sent to Kamogawa Sea world, in Japan.

He was apparently under treatment for poor health and had lost appetite few days ago. It is hard to collect any piece of information not written in Japanese…

This is stricking for me because I was born in 1987. Ever since I was born, and all the time I was growing up, this orca was locked up in a concrete tank forced to do tricks to entertain humankind. Every single day, several times a day, during 25 years.

Your wish has been granted at last Oscar, you are free again, forever.

What about you now? Imagine that for 25 years:
-You live in a room of 30×30 ft,
-You are not allowed to go out or get out,
-You cannot see anything else than the walls of your room,
-You eat the same meal every day,
-You breathe a bleached air at all time,
-You are forced to work 7/7,
-You are separated from your family,
-You are forced to live with strangers who don’t speak your language…

Would you have held 25 years?? Wouldn’t you have tried to commit suicide somehow? Or starve yourself to death? Or mutilate yourself?

Now, people of Sea worlds, can you tell me that doesn’t feel wrong? Can you tell me that you feel 100% good about yourself knowing that you support the horror of captivity? Can you keep pretending that you actually love these creatures?

You wouldn’t force anyone you love to live like that. Why the orcas then?



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