Free Narnia

Free Narnia

Here comes my second post about the orcas who need our help.

Narnia is a 6 years old female killer whale who was captured in Russia in August 2012, in order to be sold to an aquarium. She is now at the TINRO Center, near Vladivostok, waiting to be moved to the Primorsky Aquarium, where she will be held alone in a tiny pool (just look at the picture). I don’t even think she’ll be performing in any shows there. She’ll just be in this tank to decorate the whole place.

I mean, despite the purpose of this place, I think it’s a beautiful building, from an architectural point of view. But who said it had to exploit marine mammals? Who said it couldn’t just be one of those museums like the Monterey Bay Aquarium which doesn’t use any captive cetaceans but instead has full size replicas of whales and teaches us how to save the oceans?
Narnia must be released in the wild. There is no doubt in that.

What you can do to help:
– Spread the word around you
– You can support the movement on Facebook
– Sign and share the petition

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