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LATEST NEWS: This morning, 19/12/12, 2 Bottlenose Dolphins were transported into small concrete tanks of Dolphin Resort. They will now reside in these tanks until they are sold within the captive trade, eating dead fish and entertaining humans for the rest of their lives. These same animals who just few days ago witnessed the slaughter of their own family and were brutally separated from them.

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians asks if you want to urge this company to stop supporting the slaughter. Their contact details are:

Phone 81-73-559-3514
Fax: 81-73-559-2810

This is clearly the proof that dolphin trainers work together with dolphin killers!!!! They tell everyone they love these animals and blabla but they do know where these animals come from! And by not doing anything to stop it, they support the slaughter! I am still very very shocked about all that. Everytime I see a new post on Facebook or Twitter about Taiji or Bottlenose Dolphins, my heart skips a beat and my throat shivers and I quiver with anger.

If you can’t join the movement, physically talking, then there is still one thing you can do: stop buying tickets to Seaquariums and spread the word. The more people will know about the origin of captivity, the less will actually come to places like SeaWorld and the less animals will be traded.

You can visit their English website.

You can also donate to help them, like I did. Or shop to support.

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