Ups And Downs

Ups And Downs

Bad news for two killer whales:

Yesterday, at 4:57, Bingo, a male killer whale captured in Iceland in 1984 (at the estimated age of 2) who was being held captive at the Port of Nagoya Aquarium in Japan, passed away. Articlessaid the killer whale was sick since May 2014. May you finally be free Bingo… RIP Bingo.


The female killer whale, Kiska, is also in critical health. It is said the whale is “turning into the shell of what a killer whale should be.” Kiska was captured in Iceland in 1977 at the estimated age of three. She has spent the last 35 years in captivity at Marineland, Canada and hasn’t seen another killer whale since Ikaika was sent back to SeaWorld in November 2011.

Kiska “is exhibiting repetitive swim patterns, bobbing and floating.”

Pictures of her dorsal fin were taken by the Ontario Captive Animal Watch and sent to Dr. Naomi Rose and she said: “Kiska looks underweight in these photos. Her fin seems to have some kind of progressive condition – an infection that is causing the tissue to lose its integrity (I am not a veterinarian, but it looks gangrene-like to me). She is NOT in good condition.”

Former SeaWorld trainer, Dr. Jeffrey Ventre explained the condition of Kiska’s blowhole: “When orcas lose weight, and are approaching death, they get what’s called a “peanut head,” due to the depression behind the blowhole.”

>>> Petition to help Kiska <<<



Let’s end up this post with 3 rather good news:

·         Vancouver Aquarium banned from breeding whales and dolphins ! A unanimous vote on July 31st allowed the Vancouver Aquarium to keep its captive whales and dolphins but forbade it to breed them.

·         Major victory: illegal dolphinarium ordered to shut down and free the captive dolphins. Thanks to the push back from animal advocates and a petition that gained 65,000 signatures, a dolphinarium holding eight captive dolphins in the Bahamas has been ordered to shut down and release its animal by a court mid july.

·        And following the broadcast of Blackfish on the French tv station on June 29th (movie available via replay or on DVD “best seller”), Marineland, Antibes, has known better days. Many react and realize this issue also concerns France. An intern leaves a testimony which could damage the reputation of the marine park.

“When I saw these majestic creatures in their narrow tank, swimming in circles like fish in their fish bowl, between two shows, I realized to which extent they must be unhappy. They are dying of boredom.”  2 days later, the park lashes back in the same way Sea World did last year after.



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