First of all, let me apologise for not writing in this blog as often as I used to.
I will therefore try to do an article that sums up most of the latest news:

Alright, so since the beginning of the year:
The albino dolphin, Angel is still being held captive at Taiji Museum. Angel is the first dolphin to spark a lawsuit for dolphins against the government of Taiji. On Angel’s side will be
Ric O’Barry’s organizations (Dolphin Project and Save Japan Dolphins) as well as Australian for Dolphins. They are aiming at rehabilitating Angel and bringing an end to the inhumane annual hunts of Taiji.

Also, according to the French Marineland Facebook page, the baby orca born on December the 10th 2013 has been named Keijo (quite similar to Keiko if you ask me…)
Pictures actually show that the baby is already participating in daily shows (copyrights prevent me from sharing the pictures here on my blog but you can type ‘Keijo Marineland” on Google to find out more.)
Who’s the father? Valentin, his uncle. Well done Marineland ! They should be ashamed…

Talking about birth, another orca is pregnant. Kalia (SW San Diego) She is due in December and Ulises is the father by artificial insemination. (Note that Ulises’s sperm was also used for our French captive orcas for the birth of Moana in March 16th 2011). It would mean Kalia was impregnanted at only 8 years old while scientific studies show that female orcas start reproducing at 14.9 years old.
It’s all about the money $$$

I shall end this article on a rather positive note. Last April, I realized my long life dream: an encounter with wild orcas at Vancouver Island, BC.
Words cannot describe such an experience. Everybody kept telling us it was not the right time of the year to see orcas, but I guess dreaming about it for 20 years did the trick! We met 3 different pods. What a privilege to see them in their natural environnement and habitat, hear them breathe (which made me lose my breath!)
The little ones were more curious. We didn’t see any spyhopping  but the little ones would occasionnaly surface to observe us. Males’ dorsal fins were breathtaking.
It still gives me butterfly and tears in my eyes because I have had the unbelievable luck to live my dream.
My sister and I went with Aboriginal Journeys which I highly recommend if you ever go on Vancouver Island. Garry, the owner, is the man behind this picture:

We also spent a few days in the city and came close to the Vancouver aquarium. Turns out protests about the aquarium are actually to date! Indeed, the public and city officials are gearing up to debate whether the Vancouver aquarium should begin phasing out holding cetaceans in captivity.
Next July, the debate will start and a decision shall be taken before next November. Time will tell…

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