Oct 2015, Marineland floods

Oct 2015, Marineland floods

Debrief after the storm that hit the South of France on October 3rd, and of course Marineland at the same time.
One only has to google “Marineland storm” to see tons of articles on the subject.
Awful pictures were available on the web as Bernard Giampaolo, the director, wishes to reassure everybody and tells “the animals’ situation is stabilizing”.

6 days after the storm, the park finally reveals the extent of the damages : we learn that 4 turtles, some rays, fish and small animals (guinea pigs, rabbits, hens, sheep and goats) didn’t make it through.
It is said that 90% of Marineland suffered important damages.


The park also denies the rumor of an orca being dead, or an otter and some sharks. The director also states that they will think about what they want to do next: for instance, how to better protect the tanks and all the other areas that were hit. And above all, modify all the equipment. What would have happened if the storm had hit the park during the day with 12.000 people inside?

A petition is now available online to shut down Marineland. So click >> here << and share!

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