Marineland France 12/07/2015

Marineland France 12/07/2015

First major event in Europe against dolphin captivity and half a thousand people showed up in front of Marineland France on July 12th 2015.

Three weeks after Freya’s death, the oldest orca in the park, and one day only after the launching of the new “swim-with” program, many famous people made the trip for this protest, including Ric O’Barry and John Hargrove.

Ric O'Barry and John Hargrove
Ric O’Barry and John Hargrove

After the worldwide impact about the Cove and Blackfish, there is a growing awareness among people towards this cause. People walking by the protest were interested and we can only hope they’ll understand how wrong it is to have these animals kept in tanks for our own advertisement.

“Our work in France is the same as our work everywhere else; it’s all about educating the consumers in the hope that they will stop buying tickets once they get the information. That strategy is working with SeaWorld, and it should work with Marineland, Antibes if we keep showing up at their gates with protest signs.” – Ric O’Barry

John Hargrove, former SeaWorld trainer who worked 14 years with orcas also repeats this same message and reports the true identity of marine parks.

Ric O’Barry “I’ve never seen a larger protest in France. About five or six hundred people showed up. Usually there is about a dozen or so attending these demonstrations in France. The movement is definitely growing. ”


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