Fight for Morgan’s Freedom Will Continue

Fight for Morgan’s Freedom Will Continue

ImageMy first article to start this blog will about the latest news of the moment: Free Morgan.

For those who do not completely know Morgan’s story, I found these illustrations (see at the bottom of the article) on the Free Morgan Foundation website explaining her situation.

The court has revealed its verdict yesterday on December the 13th at the Amsterdam Court.  And the result is, no, Morgan will not be set free. She is going to live a life of captivity for the rest of her life…

How could we sit here and accept this decision? Knowing Morgan is one of the many captive orcas. Dr Ingrid Visser declares that she “will not allow Morgan’s fate to be sealed by this decision. […] Morgan will not become invisible because of this decision, rather she will become the poster-child of all that is wrong within the captivity industry.

I am always so surprised to see how little people know about animals in captivity. Even when I talk to my friends and family (who do their best to agree with me), I still have convincing issues. They somehow think that buying a ticket to a seaworld park is the only way to get to know these animals.

But see, kids love those dinosaurs. They could tell you everything you want to know about them and they haven’t even seen one. Because they’re all extinct! You don’t need to capture, and force animals to do tricks to get to know them. Besides, half of what the trainers teach you during the show is false information. And this shocking information was revealed by former trainers!

So the lesson of Morgan’s court is : we cannot be stopped at this decision. There is still a lot to do. We have to make people aware of the conditions of captivity. We have to spread the word as much as we can.

Juan Manuel Copello, Principal researcher of the Orca Project said: “I hope one day people will realize that we all have right to live free in this world”. And that includes orcas, dolphins and all the other animals held in captivity for entertainment.

Let’s just hope that day comes rather sooner than later.



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