The Cove, the movie

The Cove, the movie

Hi everyone!

The documentary The Cove is finally available on Youtube. For the sensitive among you, watch to at least 1h15 of video, and start again towards 1h21.

Little reminder, this is a documentary shot in 2007 by OPS (Oceanic Preservation Society) team . It received many awards including the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2010.
For those of you who would want further information, click here or here.

Once you’ve seen this movie, you don’t have to fly to Taiji to act. OPS advises many ways of pressure. With contacts to Japan (or via Twitter) to whom we can write letters expressing our opinion.
(Advice on OPS website or SeaShepherd website.)

As for me, I make donations as often as I can. For OPS or for Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project.
There really is a lot of ways to show your support to Cove Guardians.

For those who have money and time, you can also go to Taiji and join the team of Cove Guardians! You can send an email to and express your motivations.

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