Summer 2017

Summer 2017

HUGE STEP AGAINST CAPTIVITY: France has banned captive breeding of dolphins and killer whales.

The new legislation also states new rules for the 4 marine parks in France:

Expand the tanks

Prohibit the use of chlorine to treat the water

– Periodic control of the temperature and lighting as well as air and water parameters

Ending of all public contact

– Respect of resting and recovery time for the animals

– …

This is but the beginning of a new wave of freedom. Indeed, the tanks are not being emptied. And that’s what we’re aiming at.

Each evening I think about my day, and every single time I also think “another day for them doing ridiculous treats in these heart-breaking tanks”.

Yes, there is still a fight to be won. We are not saying that these cetaceans should be brought back to the sea. Without any training or adaptory period, they would surely die. But there are promising theories of marine sanctuaries that our well researched.

10 days after this new legislation was released, on the 13th of May was held the worldwide Empty The Tanks Day.
It was sort of greatly needed because the legislation met some resistance from the pro-caps. Marineland even decided to appeal the ban, so we’ll see where that leads us.

On the same subject, a new documentary has been released: Inside The Tanks

It objectively shows both sides of the debate, it’s short (only 33 minutes) and it’s highly educational : 3 good reasons to press “play” and share afterwards!


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