Whale and Dolphin Conservation

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I thought I’d share that one! I got this in my email box this morning:

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WDC (Whale and Dolphin Conservation) is the leading global charity society dedicated to the conservation and welfare of all whales and dolphins.

In short, they are the world voice for the protection of cetaceans.
They defend these remarkable creatures against the many treats that they face:
-Chemical and noise pollution
-Entanglement in fishing nets
-Climate change

Basically, they raise campaigns, funds. They support every political decision created to help protect whales and dolphins and their habitat. They fight to expose the truth to people and governments about abuses done to the animals.

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10 Good Reasons Not To Go To A Dolphinarium

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I have recently signed up to the newsletter of the blog “The Dolphin Connection” , and I got my first newsletter this morning! “10 good reasons not to go to a dolphinarium”.

It’s a French article so I’ll just translate in English.

10 good reasons not to go to a dolphinarium… Or why becoming a dolphin trainer is not a career project.

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Cove Guardian


LATEST NEWS: This morning, 19/12/12, 2 Bottlenose Dolphins were transported into small concrete tanks of Dolphin Resort. They will now reside in these tanks until they are sold within the captive trade, eating dead fish and entertaining humans for the rest of their lives. These same animals who just few days ago witnessed the slaughter of their own family and were brutally separated from them.

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5 Reasons Kim Kardashian Shouldn’t Support Dolphins in Captivity


In March 2012, Richard O’Barry wrote a letter to Jersey Shore star Nicole Polizzi –aka Snookie- after a photograph surfaced of her swimming with captive dolphin that lived (was caged) in a Mexican swim-with program.

Sadly, fellow reality star Kim Kardashian has followed in Snooki’s pro-captivity footsteps by visiting the Miami Seaquarium on December 7. Scope the picture of Kim fin-shaking with one of its captive dolphins lower.

Cove star Richard O’Barry—the grandfather of the cetacean abolitionist movement—wasn’t pleased by Kardashian’s appearance.

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Dawn to Death

“Shown many times in the documentary “The Cove” this film is more updated and concise. Everthing is now hidden, all their barbaric deeds are done under concealment but we managed to get cameras into places they (fishermen) wouldn’t look in. They say they kill dolphins humanly yet this film will show you that it is untrue. Dolphins die in the worst possible way and are tortured in front of their own families. Babies are allowed to swim in their mothers blood. This film shows the proceedings in Taiji from Dawn to death. Filmed over 3 years.” Martyn Stewart, audio/naturalist specializing in location and field recordings, mostly for natural history documentaries.

Steel and wooden sticks used to kill the dolphins through their blowholes.


Fight for Morgan’s Freedom Will Continue

ImageMy first article to start this blog will about the latest news of the moment: Free Morgan.

For those who do not completely know Morgan’s story, I found these illustrations (see at the bottom of the article) on the Free Morgan Foundation website explaining her situation.

The court has revealed its verdict yesterday on December the 13th at the Amsterdam Court.  And the result is, no, Morgan will not be set free. She is going to live a life of captivity for the rest of her life…

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