A pregnant orca at Marineland, France?

A pregnant orca at Marineland, France?

From the looks of recent photos, Wikie,the youngest female at Marineland France is pregnant-again.

Why is this concerning?

  1. Her baby, Moana, is merely 2 years old. He still needs almost constant attention from his mother at such a young age, and now that she will soon have another baby, he will not receive all the vital attention he needs.
  2. Wikie is 11 years old. She has not reached the age in which wild orca females begin breeding, yet she is already having her second baby. A child herself, you can only imagine what kind of situation this is for her.
  3. The father is unknown. If this baby was conceived naturally, then it will be inbred, considering she is related to all of the males at MLF (see chart). If it is through AI, it could be also Kshamenk’s sperm, showing Marineland France also has a disregard for orca welfare, or it could be from Seaworld, the other likely sperm donor.
    This shows once again their lack of consideration for the orcas by allowing such a young female to be impregnated when she already has a baby to look out for.

It is rumored that Wikie is around 11 months pregnant (gestation period of female orcas is usually between 15 to 18 months).

No official announcement has been done yet.

Sources: Freedom For Whales, Facebook.

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