Never give up

Never give up

I had my sister on the phone today. She helped me realise that most mothers don’t really care whether it was bad or not, they would bring their children to a marine park when they would be old enough. Because “the happiness on their face had no price”. This really has been ruining my day since this morning. People asked me “ok, so what if they go there once, to see; and then stop?”
To that, I answer: “Do you realize what it would look like if everyone had to buy a ticket first before realizing the cruelty of captivity? Do you realize that for each dolphin you see in a dolphinarium, 17 dolphins are slaughtered, for nothing? Every single ticket bought is helping the fishermen in Taiji. Every single one. Do you want to be the one who supports the slaughter?”

In France, there are 3 places where you can see captive dolphins. The Theme park Parc Astérix near Paris holds 10 dolphins, the park Planète Sauvage (next to where I live) holds 7 dolphins, and the park Marineland in the South of France, Antibes, which holds 13 dolphins and five orcas.


Here is a picture showing the size of Marineland’s tank (in the red circle). It is the biggest orca tank ever built in the world. But, when we see the size of the Mediterranean Sea aside, we understand no tank will ever be large enough in order to allow the orcas to feel like home. I am going to abduct you, lock you in a room measuring 4×4 m every day for the rest of your life. I am going to have you performing silly tricks where you will have to jump with balloons and hoops. And I will give you the same frozen food every day. Are you dreaming yet?
Don’t buy a ticket to dolphinariums. If you do, then you support the cruelty of captivity. Next time you think you saw a dolphin smiling or having fun while performing, please, reconsider…


And I also saw this video on Facebook, which kind of boosted me after hearing the bad news…  I mean, how do you convince a mom that this she is not making a children happy properly?
Don’t give up, never be silent. We are their voice, we have to help them.
“We are their biggest threat, and their only hope”, Dolphin Project.

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