Free Lolita

Free Lolita

Let me present you the third orca who needs us to help her :

Lolita is a female orca who was brutally captured from her family pod near Seattle in August 1970. Five whales drowned during the assault and seven young calves were caught for aquariums. For the past 40 years, she has lived in a tiny tank at Miami Seaquarium which violates USDA/APHIS standards. Indeed, it is no larger than a hotel swimming pool. It is 35 ft by 80 ft long. In the center, it is 20 ft deep and around the edges just 12 feet deep. Keep in mind that Lolita is 22 feet long and over 7,000 lbs (and that orcas swim up to 100 miles a day, at up to 35 miles an hour). USDA/APHIS defines the average length of an adult orca as 24 feet, based on which they require a pool with a minimum horizontal dimensions of twice the length (or 48 ft) and a minimum depth of 12 feet.

Hugo after his death

Wild orcas remain with their family for life, yet Lolita has not been allowed to see another orca in 30 years (not since March 1980, when her tankmate, Hugo, smashed his head against a wall and died. I think we can call that a suicide, by the way. This should shut up all those who pretend animals aren’t conscious of their life).

After more than 40 years of captivity, it is time to retire Lolita!

What you can do to help:
– Boycott the Miami Seaquarium
 Write to the owner of the Miami Seaquarium
– Follow the website
– You can “become friends” with the account on Facebook
– You can like pages on Facebook too:

– You can follow Free Lolita on Twitter
Basically, do everything suggested here.
-Sign the petitions:


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