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Mass capture in Taiji

On January 17th, 4 pods of dolphins were captured by Taiji fishermen. That’s about 250 dolphins including a baby albino. The following day, 25 dolphins were selected to a life of captivity (including the baby albino named Angel by Ric O’Barry) Today January 19th, 15 more dolphins were taken captive and we learn that Angel was taken straight to Taiji Whale Museum. That’s 40 dolphins in two days… The remaining 200 await their fate until tomorrow morning. CNN even covered…

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Taiji 18/01/2013

Latest news for tonight you guys. Lately, I’ve been following every article by Elizabeth Batt . This woman always has the latest news concerning cetaceans. Today, she wrote an article about the number of dolphins driven into Taiji this season. Click here to read the article, which I think, keeps us well-updated about the horror happening in Taiji right now.

Fall 2019

New birth among the Southern Residents of Vancouver ! On July 7th, researchers at the Center for Whale Research confirmed a new baby orca born. The little girl, probably born May 24, 2019, is designated J56. The birth of a female orca is particularly good news for the endangered southern residents. Good news but it will take 10-15 years before she would start having calves of her own. We hope this new calf will survive! SOURCES : Three more…

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Spring 2019

WHALE JAIL 10 orcas (one orca disapeared mid-February and is feared dead) and 87 belugas are still held in horrible conditions in the “Whale Jail” before being exported to China. According to the law only established dolphinariums and aquariums in Russia could get permits to capture the animals to be used in their facilities for educational and cultural purposes. Sale and export of animals is prohibited. Climatic conditions in the bay of Primorsky Krai have raised a public outrage which…

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