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Mass capture in Taiji

On January 17th, 4 pods of dolphins were captured by Taiji fishermen. That’s about 250 dolphins including a baby albino. The following day, 25 dolphins were selected to a life of captivity (including the baby albino named Angel by Ric O’Barry) Today January 19th, 15 more dolphins were taken captive and we learn that Angel was taken straight to Taiji Whale Museum. That’s 40 dolphins in two days… The remaining 200 await their fate until tomorrow morning. CNN even covered…

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Taiji 18/01/2013

Latest news for tonight you guys. Lately, I’ve been following every article by Elizabeth Batt . This woman always has the latest news concerning cetaceans. Today, she wrote an article about the number of dolphins driven into Taiji this season. Click here to read the article, which I think, keeps us well-updated about the horror happening in Taiji right now.

Spring 2020

The more I update this website, the more I am left with a deep feeling of bitterness in my gut and a broken heart… New death at Marineland-France On February 19th, Marineland announced the death of a female dolphin. Lotty was captured in Florida March 1993. She stayed many years in England where she gave birth to Fénix on December 23rd 2001. They both arrived in France in 2005. Her child sadly dies on October 2009 (a great example of…

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Winter 2019

TAIJI – Total 2019 On the 22nd of September: 55 dolphins had been killed and 41 selected for a life of captivity Since, here is how it happened weekly in the infamous Japanese cove: Week #4 : 29 killed- 6 captured #5 : BLUE COVE (no slaughter, no capture) #6 : 5 killed- 6 captured #7 : 6 killed #8 : 4 captured #9 et #10 : BLUE COVE #11 : 37 killed- 3 captured #12 : 20 killed #13…

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