The organisation

The organisation

Keep Whales WildCétacés Libres is a non-profit French Organisation sharing worldwide news to raise awereness on the matter of captivity in marine parks.

These cetaceans, to whom we have denied thier birth right: freedom.

Before becoming an organisation in 2018, Keep Whales WildCétacés Libres had been an informative website since 2012.
News about cetacean captivity were mostly in English: Therefore, the main goal was to share the information in French.

Reading countries not only beeing French speaking, the website gradually transformed into a bilingual one:

  • French speaking readers would get the worldwide information 
  • All the other readers were familiar with the latest news concerning captivity in France

As a registered organisation, Keep Whales Wild stresses its fight for the freedom of cetaceans. 

Our main actions:

  • Getting the definitive closing or reconversion of the 3 French Marine Parks: le Parc Astérix (Plailly, 60), Planète Sauvage (Port St Père, 44) et Marineland (Antibes, 06).
  • Financial support for the creation of sea sanctuaries for the rehabilitation of captive cetaceans. (For instance the Whale Sanctuary Project)
  • Financial support for internatinal organisations (WDC, Dolphin Project, etc.)
  • Sharing the latest news at each new season, in French and in English.